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Emotional Therapy Pet - Guarantee
EmotionalTherapyPet.com offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee


We want you to feel comfortable that we satisfied your choice. If you have any issue with having your letter accepted by the airlines or a housing provider, then please allow us to help. If there is anything about our letter that is found to be unacceptable by authorities, then we will speak to them to see if we can get it rectified. However, due to HIPPA laws and the sensitive nature of what we do, we would need permission to speak to anyone about your prescription letter. We cannot guarantee that an authority will stay within legal guidelines, but we can guarantee the legitimacy of our letter.

* Due to additional rules around ESA animals, that do not pertain to the letter, we cannot be held accountable for anything but the contents of the letter.

If you need help navigating the airline section, then we can help you apply for an additional fee.