~ First, many of the sites offering this service are not operated by professionals. They put you in touch with a professional. They are “middle-men”. If there are any issues with clinical clarification, then the law prevents them from answering.

~ Second, liaisons cannot assess a person to determining if a condition exists that indicates whether an emotional support animal prescription (ESA) will be a beneficial part of a treatment plan. Why go through a “middle man”?

~ Third, federal and state authorities are becoming vigilant about ensuring that regulations are being adhered to, as the use of ESA’s becomes more widespread. This means that proper charting and documentation is essential.

~ Finally, we take and keep a complete health record which proves you are a patient. We will protect your health records according to the law. If you want us to release your record, then we will do so with proper releases. If you are using a site other than this one, then you will not have an advocate when you need one.