Pets provide us with unconditional love. This is one of the most wonderful benefits of having a pet. While we adore our pets, some people need an animal as treatment for a medical condition, which includes mental health. If you are reading this, then you may be researching what constitutes a pet as a medical necessity. Whether you are asking for a loved one of for yourself, we are happy to answer those questions. In addition, we provided this link to a resource that can help you understand the term “Emotional Support Animal.”


We respect that some people need more information than others. Some of you may not be as interested as others in the details.

If that is the case, then know that we are professionals and we understand the importance of diagnosing and documenting; so, give us a call and we can get through the consultation quickly.

For those of you with more questions, take the time that you need to be clear on the process of getting an ESA Prescription.

Our CEO will review ALL CASES and will OFFER ASSISTANCE in helping a person adapt to having an ESA.

We are able to assess in a short time and can make recommendations quickly. The process is faster if you have done a pretest

As mental health providers, we can address most concerns or refer if a person has any issues that we are not comfortable with discussing in this session.

If you have any legal concerns, we are not lawyers and cannot provide legal advice or legal opinion, but we can refer you to professionals.

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Conditions that qualify you for an ESA Prescription